M&P miroepaolo

Born in the 1980s as Stellare, M&P miroepaolo has transformed itself thanks to an idea of the two managers Vladimiro Palazzi, production manager, and Paolo Negusanti, commercial manager, exclusive owners of the company, who after years of success at the international level, obtained through large scale production, made the decision of changing the brand, name and products, orienting themselves toward the exclusive luxury sector, giving life to a furnishing project for living and sleeping areas with its design in the exclusive luxury style

In the 1990s, M&P miroepaolo became the brand par excellence, synonymous with luxury, with its production, characterised by particularly refined finishing and quality details that are typical of Made in Italy, continuing to garner great appreciation in the various international markets, particularly in Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.



The production is divided into 2 collections of furniture with different characteristics, but which can also be combined: “Rokko-ko” and “Re-deko”.

The two collections of success, “Rokko-ko” and “Re-deko”are entirely created and produced by Vladimiro Palazzi and Paolo Negusanti with great artistic sensitivity, always attentive to the most current trends in the furniture market, interpreting the tastes and demands of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding public.